Get Organized and Build Wealth Quickly

This advice might sound too basic, but the overwhelming majority of dentists and doctors I meet with have a lot of work to do – they tend to be financially disorganized. Financial disorganization can delay many major milestones in your career and your personal financial life.

You have a lot to keep up on, and we are not even talking about dentistry or physician work. You accumulate loans, tax returns, investments, insurance policies, corporate entities, trusts, wills, appraisals, contracts, and so much more. The more complex your financial life gets, the more difficult it is to stay on top of everything.  That is why every client starts with a “Get Organized Meeting”.

Memory is Limited & Inaccurate

Most clients on the first meeting tell me about their financial life and how their financial affairs are arranged.  More often than not the way the client remembered everything, simply wasn’t accurate. And so many of their decisions over the preceding years were made on these inaccurate assumptions.  It is common that clients didn’t really know exactly what they had, nor what everything was worth. These mistakes could have been easily avoided by getting some help earlier in their career, or at the very least being a little more organized with his finances.

Unorganized people often rely on just memory. This is especially true for successful business owners. What usually happens, is they forget important financial facts and it results in missed opportunities because they rely on a limited frame of reference.  Getting organized allows you to see a complete picture so you can prioritize the financial decisions that increase your personal wealth.

If you lack the time to get organized on your own, then outsource it to someone to do it for you.  A competent financial advisor will be able to help you accurately track and bring financial insights to you to make financial decisions to build wealth more rapidly. If you already have a financial advisor and you still feel unorganized, then it is time for a new advisor.

So for 2019 let’s get organized, just schedule here to start feeling confident about your wealth.  We’re here to help!