How We Educate Our Clients

Hiring a financial advisor can be very difficult decision.  Most of the time potential clients come in and think all we do is investments.  I can tell you, good advisors go beyond just investments.  They look at a multitude of financial and personal aspects of your life.  More importantly, they keep you from making moves with your money that can come back and get you in trouble.

Below is a flow chart of a decision making process of the nitty-gritty details of IRA deductiblility that we walk our clients through.  We want our clients to be educated and understand the types of decisions they are making.  Just think, this is one of the more simple decisions a client will make.  What topics do you not understand and need help with?

“You can make a 2018 IRA contribution anytime between now and April 15th, 2019”  Just make sure you qualify for the tax break if you claim it on your taxes!